Our team is getting many questions regrading the Combin tools and how to use them safer with no risk of getting flagged by Instagram. This is why we're sharing these tips on how to make your Instagram growth experience with Combin risk-free. Let's start with the plain answer to the question if it safe to use Combin Growth.

Is It Safe to Use Combin If I Want to Grow Instagram or Unfollow Those Who Don't Follow Me Back?

đź“Ś It's safe as long as you use automation tools like Combin wisely. Here are our tips on how to avoid getting banned on Instagram and losing your account.

Update Your Searches & Interact with New Results

Update hashtag and location searches regularly. For instance, if you search by a hashtag #technology, you need to keep the search updated before any interaction (like, comment, follow or mass story view). Besides, it often depends on a hashtag: the more popular the hashtag is, the more often you should update this hashtag search.

Set Small Searches & Tasks

An old school approach to perform a 1,000 limit search and then set 1,000 likes on each post isn’t working and may result in a ban. Unfortunately, we do still have users who utilise this approach. Set one or several small searches with search limits (50–250) and then set different small tasks: 100 likes, 25 follows, and 10 comments. This is an optimal approach that looks human-like. And don’t forget that you should interact with the newest search results.

Manually Interact with Search Results

Act like a human, not like a bot even when using an automation tool. When you find posts searching by a specific hashtag, analyse these posts, the user who published them and manually like, follow, or comment on the content.

Don’t Automate Activity of New Instagram Account

In case you've just created an Instagram account, it’s really a bad move to rush and automate your activity or even manually follow, like and comment a lot right from the get-go. This is a typical behaviour of spam accounts, and there is no way Instagram will let it slide. Imagine how active you’d be on the platform if you didn’t know about the automation method and weren’t keeping the goal to get as much attention as possible. It most probably would be just a dozen of follows and likes, a couple of comments if any. Maintain a modest amount of hourly and daily actions throughout your first two months on Instagram, gradually increasing the amount of follows, likes and comments.

Reduce Searching Parameters to Make the Search Work Faster

The more search criteria you set (several hashtags, location, advanced filters, likes and comments count), the slower Combin Growth search is working. Notwithstanding that Combin Growth has a powerful target search tool, it may work slowly if too many parameters are set.

If you’ve set multiple hashtags, chosen other parameters and seen that search isn’t working, it means that there are no publications with these parameters altogether. If you want to find specific target posts or users, such parameters as a hashtag, location and a couple of advanced filters are enough for Combin Growth to display the results.

Use Proxy When Automating Activity of Multiple Accounts

If you’ve started tapping into Instagram marketing before 2019, you are likely to remember it was possible to manage up to 5 Instagram accounts safely from one IP address. Well, not anymore. Since the platform was updated in 2019, automating activity of even just two Instagram accounts from one IP has become dangerous.

The platform allegedly started to record an IP address from which an account logged in, and then assign it to the account — in case more logins detected from the same IP or an account has logged in from an unusual IP address, Instagram considers it suspicious.

Repeated authorisation attempts and overall activity of multiple different accounts from the same address leads to ban.

Combin Growth, as well as many other Instagram automation tools, offers the possibility to simulate connection from different places using an in-app proxy setup. It allows you to change IP for all accounts at the same time, as well as set different proxy for each account.

Gradually Increase Your Tasks After a Break or Block

If you took a break and didn’t use the app for a while, start with tiny tasks. At first, like, comment on or follow 1–5 posts, then (after a week or so) take 10–15, and then gradually increase the interaction.

If Instagram has blocked your actions or the entire account, we recommend you do nothing at all for two weeks after the block expires. Delete all searches and tasks, re-log in and then start with tiny tasks (literally, 1–5 actions). And avoid equal amounts of tasks each day.

Keep a Consistent Instagram Posts Publishing Schedule

Being active in interaction with others on the platform and sporadically (or never) posting something of your own to the account is not good in Instagram’s book. Though it’s not as bad as blatant mass-following on a day-old account, it’s still rises suspicion, plus significantly reduces the reach and engagement rate.

You don’t have to post every day or even every other day, the most important thing is consistency. Once you established a convenient regular posting schedule, try your best to maintain it. You can try Combin Scheduler to get the publishing consistency question out of the way for good.

đź’ˇIf don't when to post your Instagram content, check our guide on the best Instagram posting time.

Approach Mass-Commenting Carefully

Of all types of activity, commenting is by far the most sensitive when it comes to automation and safety. The bottom line here is to tailor all comments to each account and situation specifically, otherwise an out-of-place comment may be noticed and reported by the receiver even faster than by the Instagram algorithm.

Don’t comment with a transparent intention of promotion and avoid one-word or all-emoji comments like fire.

đź’ˇ See our dedicated article on safe Instagram mass-commenting for more information.

Learn Your Unique Activity Limits & Stay Below Them

Mass activity is as effective for Instagram audience growth as it is destructive for an account when managed carelessly. Before you even start automating the activity, it’s better to determine your limits. Count how many follows, likes and comments you do in a day manually, consider this information when starting to use any automation tool.

Start slow, set less actions that you’d usually do, then gradually start increasing the number each couple of days. Monitor how many actions are allowed and stay below them at all times. Sudden peaks of activity lead to serious repercussions.