Now you can subscribe to Combin Personal and Business plans directly on our website using your credit card. We listed all necessary information about the plans and pricing, and added step-by-step instructions on the subscription upgrade and cancellation processes for your convenience.
Why did we decide to stop registering subscription payments through PayPal?
We received numerous complaints from our customers about unclear, troublesome cancellation and upgrade procedures via PayPal. This was the reason why we developed and implemented a user-friendly checkout for our subscribers.
Where can I find my key and my invoice?
It’s super easy to enter your information and attach a credit card to your subscription with the new payment system. The licence key number and invoice are automatically generated and sent to the purchase email right after payment.
I am already subscribed via PayPal, do I need to switch to Stripe?
No worries, all customers subscribed through PayPal can continue to pay using the same method and manage their subscription status directly through their PayPal accounts. However, it’s highly recommended to use Stripe for the subscription plan upgrading
We hope the refreshed checkout page and new, direct payment method makes subscription process easier for you!