Join the Combin Affiliate Marketing Program

Become a Combin affiliate and enjoy high earnings, regular payouts and top conversion rates!

Make money by helping your target audience improve their Instagram marketing with Combin Growth. Earn 50% commission on every sale of our subscription plans for the first 6 months of recurring payments.

Affiliate sales are tracked the following ways:

1. A través de un enlaces afiliado y cookies.

2. Through a unique coupon code.

You can select the way that’s most convenient for you.

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Commission Fees

Here is how much you can earn as a Combin affiliate partner:

Personal Plan (USD)

Business Plan (USD)

1 venta



5 venta



10 venta



50 venta



Los importes que se muestran reflejan el mayor pago posible y se ofrecen sin considerar el código del cupón de descuento y las comisiones de PayPal que pueden reducir un poco el importe que se ha indicado.

What is Your Payment Method?

Payments are sent in dollars or euros, recalculated according to the current Morningstar’s exchange rate. Please note that the final payment amount you receive may be slightly reduced due to PayPal fees.

What Is Your Revenue Threshold?

Affiliate partners become eligible for payout once their accrued revenue balance reaches $400.

When Will I Receive My Payout?

In order to avoid transaction refunds, payout is issued in 35 days after a customer placed full payment for the product through an affiliate link or using an affiliate coupon.

If your balance is $400 or more, you get paid on the first Tuesday of each month. If you accrued less than $400 on that day, the balance will roll over and continue to accumulate until the minimum threshold is met.

¿Cuándo será aceptada mi solicitud?

The applications sent on weekdays are processed within 24 hours. Make sure to check your spam folder if more than a day passed since you applied.

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