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What is AidaForm

AidaForm is an online platform designed for effortless building of web-forms and micro-landings. Create contact and registration pages, shopping feeds, quizzes, surveys and feedback forms. Combin Scheduler can insert the landing link to Bio for each scheduled Instagram post.

What’s included

Build online forms easily with the ready-to-go templates, no web-programming knowledge or extra skills required. Choose from a variety of different forms for any purpose and need, from orders, requests and enquiries to surveys, quizzes and tests. There is something for everyone.

Adjust the way forms look to any taste and mood using the native customization tools. Select a fitting from the library or change the font and color settings manually. Add a logo to your form or even upload a background image to create an authentic design.

Share the created forms either via a direct link on social media (like Instagram bio link) or by email and through other platforms. Create a shopping page form and share it as a “Buy Now” button on your blog or website.

Include the option to interact with the forms right on the site by embedding them to your WordPress, Wix or any other site. Increase your credibility by presenting the options to interact with the form without clicking away elsewhere.

Save the limited space and beautify the links to your creations using the URL shortening feature. Share your forms and micro-landings via short, succinct links.

AidaForm stands for transparency and cares about the safety and privacy of users. As a GDPR-compliant service, it requires user consent for data processing, anonymizes collected data and takes other measures necessary for privacy and data protection.

Make an All-in-One Contact Page

Collect all your contacts, social media profiles, messengers and various other services you are active on, and share them within a short single link. Add multiple links to your Instagram bio, customize the color theme and background of the page, and insert images to give your Instagram followers the full picture of your brand. Establish easier contact with Instagram followers, potential customers and partners, by conveniently laying down all contact options in one place. See the template.

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Create an Instant Shopping Feed

Make your own product feed as an alternative to Instagram Shopping that is still yet to become available outside the US and out of the selected number of businesses. Tailor the shopping feed to your taste, control every detail of the way your products and the page as a whole are presented. Add images, title, product attributes and other information to promote your products. Offer your customers accessible and reliable payment methods, such as PayPal and Stripe.

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Create a Webinar Registration Form

Present real value of your products and connect with your audience in real time by hosting informational webinars or e-learning courses. Attract more participants by adjusting the registration form’s appearance to look more professional and coordinated. Collect data about the signup page visitors and see how they interact to evaluate your performance and improve engagement.

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Gather Feedback and Survey Results

Monitor the statistics and responses submitted to your forms and pages. Stay informed about new activity with instant notifications to your email. Learn the number of visitors, abandonments and submits. Check the data on the views of your form on desktop and mobile devices. Export the information to CSV, PDF, Excel or Google Sheets. Analyze and improve your marketing strategy, plan business ahead more easily.

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Engage Followers with Quizzes and Tests

Increase social media engagement and get more online leads with various quizzes and tests. Create multiple-choice questions, allow giving multiple answers, add images, GIFs, audio and text. Make educational, shopping, knowledge, personality and other types of quizzes. Share on your social media handles and site to improve SEO and learn more about your target audience. Motivate to subscribe to your email list by providing new weekly tests and quizzes.

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Erikah Smith, language teacher
Ben Johnson, web-store owner
Emma Wilson, Instagram blogger
Erikah Smith
Ben Johnson
Emma Wilson

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