A link in an Instagram story allows you to lead users to an external site of your brand, blog post, or another page.

In this piece, we’ll reveal several ways to add a link to Instagram stories, as well as share other Instagram content via stories.

For clarity, let's roughly divide Instagram story links into two types: external and internal.

External links make users visit pages outside Instagram: website pages, blog posts, YouTube channels, etc. Since recently, all accounts are allowed to add external links to stories, even those with fewer than 10k followers.

You can also add links in Instagram stories when setting up targeted ads with Stories as a placement.

Instagram story link sticker is another option available.

Internal links lead users to content within Instagram: posts, other users’ stories, videos, accounts and Reels.

#1: Instagram Story Link Sticker

To attach a link to your story, take these simple steps:

  1. Start creating a new story: add a photo or video from your smartphone gallery or take a picture/video with an Instagram camera.
  2. Click on the sticker icon in the top menu.
  3. Select the Link sticker.

4. Copy the link you want to share and paste it here.

This can be a link to a website, blog post, product in an online store, YouTube channel or video, and more.

5. To check if you pasted the URL correctly, click Preview.

Many users don't know how to follow a link in stories yet. Encourage them to click on the sticker: add a call-to-action to your story, asking your followers to click the sticker. You can add arrow stickers or emojis to show where the sticker is.

Make sure the link sticker can be easily seen in your story.

#2: Instagram Stories Ads

Adding a link when setting up your ads is more time-consuming and daunting. Besides, this option is obviously not free: you’ll have to pay for your ads to be shown to users who is potentially interested to see them.

To set up the ads, you must first go to the Facebook Ads Manager of the account that is linked to your Instagram business page and click Create ad.

To show your ads in stories, you need to choose the ad target and its placement manually, set the targeting criteria, daily budget and add an ad creative.

After filling in the required fields, you’ll be able to preview your ad.

#3. Swipe Up Instagram Story Link

Recently, we have covered that Instagram gives up on swipe up links in favour of the story sticker with a similar function. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the swipe up option is completely gone.

If you can’t access the swipe up feature through Instagram, you just need to use the official Instagram application for business Business Suite (iOS / Android). When you publish stories with this app, you can insert any link just like before.

Install the app on your device and log in with your Facebook account. Choose the Facebook page which the Instagram account belongs to. Then find the blue plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on it and choose Story.

Now you’re able to upload Instagram stories. Choose any from your gallery or take a photo. Find the link icon at the upper right corner and click on it. Now share the link as you normally would.

#4. Combin Scheduler

With Instagram free planning solution Combin Scheduler, you can easily add links in your Instagram bio when scheduling stories for automated publishing.

Install the tool on your PC, upload one or multiple stories for scheduling and add a link. The link will automatically appear in your Instagram bio as your stories are live: you don’t need to manually update the link in your bio every time a new story appears.

#5. Story Links to Instagram Posts, Reels and Other Stories

On Instagram stories, you can also share your and others’ posts, stories, Reels and IGTV.

If you want to share Reels, open the Reels you wish to share in your story and click the aeroplane icon in the menu on the right, then select Add Reels to Your Story.

If you want to share an Instagram post, open the post you wish to link to and click the aeroplane icon under it; select Add a post to your Story.

If you want to share an Instagram account in your story, start making a new story, find the Mention sticker, and enter a username.

If you want to share an Instagram video, do the same actions you did with sharing an Instagram post.

Tip: with Combin Scheduler, you can easily repost Instagram posts with or without captions!