Recently, we have covered that Instagram gives up on swipe up links in favour of the story sticker with a similar function.

Apparently, this novelty didn’t stay long since some influencers complained they couldn’t any longer use it as it suddenly disappeared; others said they found the new sticker inconvenient and claimed their story link clicks dropped.

Thus, influencers weren’t able to use nor the story sticker neither the swipe up link and lost some of their ad offers.

And though now Instagram allows every user (even with fewer followers than 10k) to add links to stories, this feature is not yet available to every account.

But as it later turned out, the swipe up link wasn’t gone completely, and there’s a tip on how to get it back. This hack is safe and doesn’t require any involvement of third-party tools.

To do so, you just need to use the official Instagram application for business Business Suite (iOS / Android). When you publish stories with this app, you can insert any link just like before.

Install the app on your device and log in with your Facebook account. Choose the Facebook page which the Instagram account belongs to. Then find the blue plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on it and choose Story.

Now you’re able to upload Instagram stories. Choose any from your gallery or take a photo. Find the link icon at the upper right corner and click on it. Now share the link as you normally would.

If you decide to publish Instagram stories like this, note that you can add captions and stickers but can’t add music stickers.