How to Schedule Instagram Stories?

Originating from Snapchat, Stories have quickly took over Instagram and successfully remain the single most used functionality. Brands and influencers on Instagram embraced the popularity of Instagram Stories and rely on their everyday publishing even more than on posts. Stories Highlights keep all important information organized by categories, while daily Stories posts convey the daily life and recent updates from an Instagram account. If you want your engagement rate and traffic to grow, you should keep a tight Stories posting schedule.

Combin Scheduler can help you make sure all your Stories are planned ahead and will be published in time. Follow the steps below to schedule posts to your Instagram account.

  • Install Combin Scheduler. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    Scheduler Logo Plan, manage and schedule Instagram posts now!
  • Login to your Instagram account within Scheduler. It doesn’t store or share personal information with third parties, using your password only for sending an access token request to Instagram. Two-factor authentication is supported.
  • Once you are logged in, click Stories at the upper left corner of the application.
  • Click 'Add New Story' at the bottom of the application window to start planning your Story.
  • Drag and drop images or click Choose Photo to select pictures for your Stories.
  • Select the posting date and time. Scheduler synchronizes with the timezone of your OS.
  • Click Post Now. Your Stories will be published at the scheduled time.

Keep Combin Scheduler launched until your Stories are on Instagram. If the look of the opened Scheduler window annoys you, leave the application running in the background instead of quitting it.

At the menu bar, click Tools and select Preferences. Enable the setting Run Combin Scheduler in background when it’s closed. After that, Scheduler will be minimized when you click X to quit it.