In the evolving world of social media, creating a captivating and cohesive Instagram feed in terms of topic and color palette has become an art form and a helpful marketing instrument. With the help of grid planning apps, you can transform your Instagram profile into a stunning visual masterpiece.

In this article, you can explore the exciting possibilities of crafting a harmonious grid that leaves an impression, engages your audience, and helps you to express your personality.

Find and Create Your Instagram Aesthetics Using Editing Apps

Choosing an Instagram aesthetic is essential, as it can significantly impact your overall presence and success on the platform. It creates a visually cohesive feed, making your profile more attractive and appealing to viewers. A consistent look and feel can draw attention and encourage people to follow your account. It is also important to select one that aligns with your genuine self or brand identity, as authenticity is crucial on social media, and your chosen aesthetic should reflect who you are or what your brand represents.

Here are the apps to edit your Instagram photos and create a harmonious Instagram grid.


VSCO is a popular photo editing app and social media platform known for its artistic filters and tools for enhancing and stylizing photos. Many Instagram users choose VSCO. There are more than 200 million posts using the hashtag #vsco, and there is a good reason why!

This app has convenient preset filters (more than 200!) that you can conveniently apply to your photos and create matching aesthetics. But that is not all. VSCO also offers powerful photo editing tools that allow you to fine-tune the color, exposure, contrast, and other aspects of your photos.

This helps in achieving a polished and professional appearance and allows you to adjust the intensity of filters, tweak settings, and save your own filter presets. By using the same VSCO filters and editing techniques for all your photos, you can maintain a cohesive look throughout your Instagram feed, which is key to achieving a consistent aesthetic!

Available for iOS and Android

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom is another powerful photo editing and organization tool that many photographers and Instagram users prefer for creating and maintaining their Instagram image. Lightroom offers a wide range of professional-level editing tools for enhancing and retouching photos. You can fine-tune exposure, color, contrast, and more, giving you precise control over your photo’s appearance.

Lightroom uses non-destructive editing, which means your original photos remain untouched. You can experiment with different edits and presets without fear of losing the original quality. It allows you to create or import presets and profiles. Many photographers and influencers develop custom presets for all their photos and even sell preset packages. Moreover, if you're already using other Adobe products like Photoshop or Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom integrates with these tools.

Available for iOS and Android

PhotoSplit Grid Maker

PhotoSplit Grid Maker is a mobile app designed to help you split and arrange photos into a grid format for posting on Instagram. It's primarily focused on creating grid posts, where a single image is divided into multiple smaller sections that appear as separate posts on your Instagram feed.  The app also provides a grid preview feature, allowing you to see how your final grid will look before posting. This helps ensure that the divided sections fit together when viewed on your profile. You can also customize the grid layout, choosing the number of rows and columns for the split image. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different grid styles.

While PhotoSplit helps create grid posts, it's essential to use this format thoughtfully. Grids can disrupt the regular flow of your feed, so consider whether they align with your overall Instagram aesthetic and goals.

Available for iOS and Android


FaceApp gained popularity for its ability to apply various filters and effects to photos of faces, allowing users to transform appearances in different ways: it can make you look younger or older, change your gender, apply different hairstyles, add makeup, and more.

While it is known for its face-changing features, it can also adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and color tones to achieve a particular look that fits your Instagram. In addition, FaceApp includes filters that enhance portrait photos by smoothing skin, removing blemishes, and adjusting facial features. These filters can help you maintain a polished and consistent look for portrait-oriented posts.

Available for iOS and Android

Preview Your Grid and Make Sure it Looks Great

Preview App

Preview Your Grid and Make Sure it Looks Great Preview App The Preview app is a helpful tool for planning and maintaining a visually attractive Instagram feed. It allows you to see how your upcoming Instagram posts will appear in a grid format. By arranging and rearranging your photos within the app, you can visualize the overall look and cohesiveness of your page. Preview provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to rearrange the order of your planned posts. You can easily swap photos and try different combinations to find the best sequence for your feed. Available for  iOS and Android

Available for  iOS and Android


Unum is a comprehensive platform with features that can help you maintain a cohesive and visually appealing Instagram feed for your brand. Unum allows you to plan the Instagram grid by arranging photos you already have and creating new ones using a big collection of templates. It offers features to help users maintain a consistent color theme across all posts and allows you to edit photos right in the app.

It also uses the power of AI to generate captions, suggest relevant hashtags, and resize posts to maintain a consistent and visually pleasing grid. These AI-driven features can streamline the content creation and planning process, making it more efficient and user-friendly and also effective for your engagement rates! If you value grid aesthetics and are looking for a tool to help you achieve that, Unum might be a solid choice.

Available for  iOS and Android

Plan Your Instagram Posting Schedule in Advance

Combin Scheduler

Planning Instagram posts with a scheduler like Combin Scheduler can offer several benefits to you and your brand if you want to maintain an active and organized presence on the platform. Posting content manually can be time-consuming, especially if you have to post at specific times or on multiple accounts. It can also be helpful if you want to do some digital detox and take some time off Instagram or just happen to be without Internet access.

Combin Scheduler streamlines the process, allowing you to upload and schedule multiple posts at once and see how your upcoming posts will look in your Instagram feed, allowing you to plan and maintain a visually appealing grid. You can also schedule posts for times when your target audience is most active, even if it's outside your working hours.

Available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.