Combin Scheduler is a free application without customer support. In order to help you use it with no issues, we’ve listed the most popular questions about the application and covered common errors in this post.

➡️Does Combin Scheduler work when my PC is off?

It doesn’t. Combin Scheduler is a desktop application that posts Instagram publications directly from a user's computer and IP address. Because of that, the application needs to be launched on a turned-on computer with access to a stable Internet connection at the time of posting.

➡️What types of accounts can I connect to Combin Scheduler?

There is no limit on account types. You can connect personal or individual accounts, creator accounts, and business accounts.

➡️How many accounts can I manage simultaneously?

You can connect up to 15 accounts. The planned posts will be published at a set time for each account.

If you want to manage several accounts from one computer, we highly recommend using proxies. It’s needed because Instagram's algorithm considers activity coming from multiple accounts from the same IP address to be suspicious.

As a result, it may reduce the number of allowed actions by several hours to several days. Because of this, Combin Scheduler will also be limited in publishing scheduled posts. Be careful, set up proxies for your accounts directly in the app at Tools > Preferences > Proxy.

➡️What kinds of posts can I schedule?

You can plan single image posts and Stories. Video, carousel and Reels posting is in development.

➡️Is there a posting limit?

There isn’t! You can schedule as many Instagram posts and Stories as you want.

➡️Can I add collaborators to my account?

The information about your planned posts is stored in the database file on your local disk, currently, there is no option to add other users to manage your posts.

➡️My publication failed to post. How do I fix it?

  1. Check your Internet connection and make sure your computer is on at the moment of posting.
  2. Relogin into your account (Account menu > Relogin) to make sure your account is connected to Combin Scheduler.
  3. Check whether you have access to your Instagram account via the mobile Instagram application.
  4. Make sure nothing is blocking your connection (VPN, Firewall, Antivirus).

➡️Why wasn’t my post caption or comment published?

There are several reasons why it happens. Instagram may prevent caption publishing because:

  • You’ve reached the action limit for commenting.
  • The caption’s content hasn’t passed the moderation.
  • There are too many hashtags in the caption (Instagram’s limit is 30 hashtags per post and per comment).

➡️I found a bug, how can I report it?

If you encountered a bug, please use the feedback form to report it, our team will contact you for further information.

➡️I cannot log in, what can I do?

  • Turn off the 2FA.
  • Log out of Instagram on all devices and from its web version.
  • Log in with another IP (you may use another Wi-Fi connection or your mobile phone as a hotspot).
  • If all of the above does not work, please wait for 24 hours and try again.

➡️My 2FA Instagram codes are not accepted, what should I do?

Please follow the steps of this troubleshooting article to fix the issue.