In one of our recent posts, we’ve talked about Instagram KPIs and metrics. Before we start, here’s a quick overview of the metrics we’ve mentioned in our previous posts:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Followers
  • Engagement Metrics (likes, comments, views, saves, shares)
  • Engagement Rate
  • Stories views
  • Reels views

💡We’ve already covered how to boost these:

Make sure you check them out as well! In this piece, we’ll focus on how you can boost crucial Instagram metrics with the Combin software.

How to Grow Instagram Metrics and KPIs with  Combin Growth

Combin Growth, a free Instagram marketing tool, can help you increase followers growth, engagement, reach, impressions, and stories views.

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Here's how to grow the Insta metrics with Combin step by step:

Step 1. Find relevant Instagram users to interact with.

Combin Growth allows you to search for relevant audiences with narrow targeting criteria, such as likes and comments count, language and gender of users, recent profile activity, and run searches by hashtags, location, followings, followers, likers and commenters of a certain Instagram user, as well as bio keywords.

By interacting with the users you found on Combin with these criteria, you will increase your ER, reach and impressions.

The tool also enables you to find and engage with your Instagram competitors’ audience by interacting with competitors' Followers, Followings, Commenters, and Likers, thus contributing to grow your followership.

When you find the audience, sort the search results by a variety of filters to get the most relevant findings.

Step 2. Interact with the most relevant of the users found.

Once you've sorted the search results by relevant criteria, you can start interacting with them: like their posts, follow them in bulk, comment on their content, and mass view their stories. The latter might increase your stories views count.

All you have to do is to select multiple users manually or automatically pick all of them and set the required task that Combin Growth has to do: commenting, liking, following, and story viewing. Then the app just does the rest.

Step 3. Analyse your actions.

After interacting with users within the Combin Growth app, you can then track how it worked for you in the Analytics tab.

You can show the results within a specific time period, tracking how your stats have changed.

There are two sections are displayed within the Statistics tab. The top section contains information about Instagram account followers number and growth rate, as well as incoming actions: the number of likes, comments, new and lost followers.

The bottom Activity Combin section displays the outcoming actions for following, liking and commenting the application processed on behalf of your Instagram account.

Boost Website Traffic from Instagram with Combin Scheduler

Website traffic from Instagram is a vital metric if you have a blog or store where you drive your Instagram audience.

With Combin Scheduler, you can increase your website traffic.

Since Instagram doesn’t let its users add clickable links in captions, you can add a custom link in your bio right when you plan your next publication using Combin Scheduler.

With this feature, you don’t need to waste your time adding the link manually after the publication. Just type the link in the field under your caption, and it will appear in your bio automatically upon the post appears on Instagram. Changing the link in bio manually each time when you want to lead the traffic to a specific website page may be daunting, so this function will assist you a lot.

To do so, open Combin Scheduler, tap on the Posts tab and start the planning process. Select an image, choose a location, set date and time, write an engaging caption with a CTA and add a link to the landing page.

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