Good news for all Combin users and those who want to take their Instagram accounts to the next level! The Combin team has finally rolled out the InstaCheck audit, exclusive recommendations for each user on how to improve their Instagram account.

How does InstaCheck work?

If you want to grow your Instagram page, either personal or a business one, and figure out your perks and flaws, all you need to do first is to apply for the audit on our website.

Then you fill in the form and wait for your individual report to get back to you. That simple!

In an exclusive report made specifically for your account, you get the full analysis of your Instagram username, bio, profile photo, aesthetics, branding, content, and engagement with recommendations on what you should change or improve.

Who needs InstaCheck?

Everyone can apply for the service, but still, InstaCheck may be of better interest for you if you are:

  • Influencers

InstaCheck can help influencers improve their Instagram account, aesthetics and branding to attract more followers and advertisers. After InstaCheck, advertisers can be sure in your account’s quality since ER examination is place.

  • Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur leveraging Instagram as a proper marketing tool, you want to make sure your brand or personal account looks good and appealing for your customers. InstaCheck helps you enhance your Instagram page and work on a strategy to develop a more substantial online presence for your business.

With InstaCheck, you can also order an examination of your competitor’s account and realise what strong and weak points they have.

  • Advertisers

If you’re a brand using influencer marketing in your promotion strategy, InstaCheck is an absolute must for you. With InstaCheck, you can examine accounts of relevant influencers before outreaching them for a campaign. Thus you will be sure you’ve chosen proper influencers for your brand.

Benefits of InstaCheck: what you will learn

Our exclusive advice will help you take a fresh look at your Instagram page and enhance your Instagram marketing. After InstaCheck, you will learn how to:

  • Drive more engagement

After the audit, you will use actionable tactics to receive the biggest response from your target audience.

  • Create better content

You will figure out why your posts don’t resonate with your followers and how to fix it.

  • Work on better aesthetics and branding
  • Write appealing captions
  • Pick relevant hashtags

With InstaCheck, you’ll be able to analyse your weak spots on your own and finally understand what works for your Instagram page and what doesn’t.

With the Personal Plan audit, you’ll get a full PDF report with peculiar recommendations. Business Plan compiles a PDF report and a 30 minute Skype consultation.

Apply for InstaCheck today and stand out from your competitors!

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