How to find and engage Instagram competitors’ audience


In order to initiate search, launch Combin and open the Search tab. Switch from Posts to the Users search tab.

Move to the Search by section to specify the type of audience you want to target. Click the field to open the drop-down list of options. Select either Followers, Followings, Commenters, Likers or Bio.

After selecting the audience type, enter your Instagram competitor’s username or a URL to their post.

Specify the number of search results in the Search limit field.

Below the default search settings, there are Fast search and Advanced Filters and Analysis features.

  • Enable the Fast search mode to load search results quicker but without information about accounts (e.g following and followers count, gender, etc.)
  • Enable the Advanced Filters and Analysis feature to activate machine learning user analysis and set preferable language, gender, last activity, following/followers range filters.

Click Find after setting search parameters.


Before you start to interact with your competitor’s audience, it’s recommended to sort and filter search results to hide inapt profiles and prioritize engagement with the most or least followed accounts.

If Advanced Filters and Analysis was enabled for a search, its results can be filtered with a wider variety of filters.

To attract the attention of your competitor’s audience, follow them, like their last posts and/or leave comments. Click Select All or pick profiles from the search results manually by clicking the profiles. At the bottom of the page, there are interaction buttons for following, liking and commenting. Click them after selecting the accounts you’d like to engage with.

Combin then will automatically schedule an action task and safely process it in accordance with your individual hourly and daily activity limits.