Every so often, we get enquiries from our users regarding the issues they encounter when using Combin Growth. This is why we wanted to share with you recent recommendations of our developers on how to use Combin Growth properly.

But at first, let’s point out three major things we must remember when using Combin Growth or any other automation tool.

  1. Automation doesn’t work as it used to. Now it requires consciousness on your end.
  2. You have to think and analyse what you’re doing.
  3. Automation tools will not do everything for you. Now, they only save time.

Now let’s consider the developers’ recommendations in detail.

Update your searches and interact with new results

Right: Update hashtag and location searches regularly. For instance, if you search by a hashtag #technology, you need to keep the search updated before any interaction (like, comment and follow).

Yet, it strongly depends on a hashtag: the more popular the hashtag is, the more often you should update the search by this hashtag.

Wrong: Interact with posts from an old search. If you performed a hashtag search last week or a couple of weeks ago, don’t set tasks for this search. Update it or create a new one instead.

Just imagine how such actions look for Instagram: when somebody likes or comments on multiple posts uploaded weeks ago, it looks suspicious.

That’s why it’s important to update your searches and interact with new posts.

Set small searches and small tasks

As we claimed at the beginning of the article, automation doesn’t work as it used to. That’s why an old approach to perform a 1,000 limit search and then set 1,000 likes on each post isn’t working and may result in a ban.

Unfortunately, we do still have users who utilise this approach.

Right: Set one or several small searches with search limits (50–250) and then set different small tasks, for instance, 100 likes, 25 follows, and 10 comments. This is an optimal approach that looks human-like.

And don’t forget that you should interact with the newest results.

Wrong: Set search with the maximum search limits and interact with every search results. Now, such an activity looks suspicious to Instagram.

Manually interact with the search results

Right: Act like a human even within an automation tool, not like a bot. When you found posts searching by a specific hashtag, analyse these posts, the user who published them and manually like, follow, or comment on the content.

Wrong: No need to like or comment on every post you found, because there are many irrelevant posts we can’t control — spammy posts, giveaways, scam, and other content people mark with a hashtag you’re searching for.

Gradually increase your tasks after a break or block

Right: If you took a break and didn’t use the app for a while, start with tiny tasks. At first, like, comment on or follow 1–5 posts, then (after a week or so) 10–15, and then gradually increase the interaction.

If Instagram has blocked your action or the entire account, we recommend you do nothing at all for two weeks after the block expires. Delete all searches and tasks, re-login and then start with tiny tasks (literally, 1–5 actions).

And avoid equal amounts of tasks each day.

Wrong: You got the point.

Reduce searching parameters to make the search work faster

The more search parameters you set (several hashtags, location, advanced filters, likes and comments count), the slower Combin Growth search is working.

Notwithstanding that Combin Growth has a powerful target search tool, it may work slowly if too many parameters are set. Also, if you’ve set multiple hashtags, chosen other parameters and seen that search isn’t working, it means that there are no publications with these parameters altogether.

If you want to find specific target posts or users, such parameters as a hashtag, location and a couple of advanced filters are enough for Combin Growth to display the results.


  • Act like a human and always think about how your actions look for the Instagram algorithm. Of course, you can do everything within the native app, but Combin Growth saves your time significantly with its target search power.
  • The most working strategy is as follows: start searching -> interact with several posts you like -> head to the user’s account ->interact with several other posts -> follow (if you like the content) -> unfollow later (if you like). These actions will look like a human, not a bot take them.
  • Automation no longer works as it used to.
  • Update your searches and interact with the updated searches only.
  • Don’t set too many parameters for a search at once. Create several small searches instead and set small tasks within them.
  • Set tiny tasks after a block or a break of the app usage and gradually increase them week by week.
  • Don’t use the same amounts of actions every day.
  • Don’t use Combin Growth and native Instagram app, web version, any browser extensions or other third-party tools at the same time.
  • Do not launch many tasks for different searches to run simultaneously but activate the option Perform tasks in sequence (ToolsPreferences -> Activities)
  • Mind that Instagram is extremely sensitive to following/unfollowing activity. If you have not followed/unfollowed that many users at once with your Instagram app, we do not recommend doing it with Combin Growth. Start with a small number of users to follow or unfollow, then schedule bigger tasks.
  • If your Instagram account is relatively new, it is better to set up Combin Growth in-app limits at lower numbers (ToolsPreferences —> Limits)
  • Add 4–5 variations per 20 comments, do not use a lot of emojis.

If you have any questions, you can ask them here or contact our support team support@combin.com, and we, together with the developers, will try to answer them.