Every holiday is the reason to try new content ideas and surprise your audience with something appealing.

If your company is active on TikTok and Instagram Reels (as you should), you can use this list of content ideas we've come up with just for you.

And combining these ideas with special holiday discounts, promo codes, and free shipping, you'll not just fuel your engagement on social media but boost sales as well.

Outfit Inspo

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to go on a date and ask your crush out. So no wonder that date outfit inspiration videos are one of the most popular and searched for at this time.

Here are some examples to get you on the right track.

@richellezz ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥#valentinesday #valentine #style #outfit #ootd #dress ♬ original sound - <3
@hope.cee some valentine’s day outfits 💕 outfit details are on my IG story (@hope.cee) or bio #valentinesday #valentinesdayoutfit ♬ original sound - Ian Asher


What a date without food, right? Recipes and cooking videos are also those your followers would definitely love to see on the 14th of February. Besides, these are among the most trending video content on TikTok and Reels.

@loverboards Reply to @americagrallet how does this look? 😋 #valentinesday #charcuterieboard #charcuterie ♬ Call me - 90sFlav

If you're not good at cooking, you can ask someone of your co-workers to give you a hand. Thus, you'll have two nice things rolled into one: engaging video content on your brand TikTok and Reels account and something festive to eat on this day.

@soflofooodie FULL RECIPE ON OUR INSTA 💕 HAPPY LOVE DAY! #valentinesday #galentinesday #fudge #pink #recipe #easyrecipe ♬ original sound - aleeseeuh

Gift Guide

If the two ideas above don't match your business at all, this one is fits all niches. With gift guides, your fantasy is your only limitation. You can include in the gift guide your products or come up with something completely different.

@niki_patton What to get your bf for Valentine’s Day 😛😛 #nikadvice #valentinesday #giftideas #boyfriend ♬ original sound - Niki Patton

Besides, gift guides can be segmented according to different target audiences: gift guide for her, for him, for moms, kids, etc. So with the series of these videos, you'll not only create engaging and useful content, but also cover multiple target audience segments.

Makeup Inspiration

Together with outfit inspiration videos, makeup inspiration clips are also among the most sought-after ones for Valentines' Day.

@daniellemarcan don’t have a Valentine but I wanted to look hot today #makeup ♬ motive x promiscuous - elfixsounds

If nobody from your team is ready to create this video, you can collaborate with an influencer or a beauty blogger to make one and use it as the perfect chance to leverage influencer marketing. Besides, collaborating with an influencer, you'll have an audience swap, grow your engagement, followership, and sales.

Home Decoration

Home, room or office decoration ideas is another choice you might dwell on. Just be creative, don't give generic advice, and you'll see that the campaign will thrive.

@kristyncole Love these paper heart garlands! They are so fun and cute! #valentinesdecor #valentinesdiy #valentinesday ♬ original sound - Kristyn Cole

Valentine's Day Roundup

A digest of the best Netflix TV series and movies to watch on the 14th of February, the most romantic cities to visit as a couple, the best cafes to have an evening out, and many, many more selections will work just fine. Or you can simply share a list of your favourite ways to spend Valentine's Day.

Comedy Video

If this day is supposed to be romantic, it doesn't mean you can't be ironic and laugh. Make a video such as Me on St. Valentines Day or tell about your worst date ever. Just remember to be respectful and don't make fun of people.

@carol.lib Let’s see if he gets the hint this time. @liamcnl2.0 #fyp #2022 #boyfriend #valentinesday ♬ original sound - kennn 💝

Send-This-to-Your-Crush Challenge

TikTok is nothing without its crazy challenges. But why follow a challenge if you can start one? Make a video that calls your followers and customers to be bold and send this video to their crushes. Or you can come up with another crazy or sweet challenge idea.

@palkuaiden Send This To Your Crush ❤️ #tagyourcrush #tagyourfavoriteperson #perfectedts #palkedts #conanfy ♬ original sound - ᴄᴏɴᴀɴ.

List of Ideas for Content in Your Niche

This whole article is also an idea. But instead of writing, shoot a video with the list of content ideas in your niche. Almost everyone is active on social media or blogs now, so there are definitely people among your audience who will appreciate such a video and find it useful.