Choice of the right track can spike your Reel views and attract more followers to your page. And though Instagram music library offers a large variety of tracks for commercial use, it cannot measure up to an increasing number of videos creators upload each day.

Whether they’re published on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or any other platform, videos don’t look that impressive if there’s no music in the background. More than that: if Reels have music in them, they gain more views and have more chances to get on the Explore page.

How to Create Original Audio for Instagram Reels

So if you want to use original soundtracks that have not been overused, you might have faced hard times finding ones.

One of the possible solutions is to create your own tracks!

With LALAL.AI, a cutting-edge audio stem splitting service, you can remove instrumental, vocals and instrument stems out of any song and even video and create original backtracks for your Reels.

And now LALAL.AI can also isolate instruments from audio and video: bass, drums, piano, and soon - guitar. is an AI-powered music separation service that can extract vocals and instrumentals from any audio and video. The splitting results sound natural, soft and precise without any unnecessary sounds and artefacts.

With, you can remove a vocal from a song, make acapella from any music track and even extract a voice from any video and movie in just a couple of clicks.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open LALAL.AI in your browser. If you want to remove an instrument stem, you can also do it by choosing which stem you'd like to isolate: drums, bass or piano.

2. Click Select File.

3. Pick a song or video from your library.

4. Wait a few seconds until the processing is finished.

5. Click the play icon (‎▶) within the Instrumental [Preview] section.

If you like the preview, click Process the Entire Track. LALAL.AI offers a free splitting of 10 minutes in total for logged-in users. Log in with your email to get your free package and download the entire track. The download link will be sent to your email.

If you would like to change the audio processing intensity, click Restart. Pick a different audio filter under the Select File button, then upload the song again.

Then just download your original track and add it as a backtrack in your Reel.

How to Extract Voice From a Video

If an audio backtrack isn’t what you’re looking for and you’d better make a voiceover with a funny movie line, quote or a song part, you can also do it with LALAL.AI. The tool allows you to extract vocals as well.

Check the video guide to learn more.

Leveraging LALAL.AI will significantly streamline the creation of original backtracks for your Reels, YouTube videos and TikTok clips. Try the tool now for free.

How to Add an Original Sound to Your Reel

There are only two ways to add your original sounds to your Reel so far.

The first one is to record the sound in the background while shooting the Reel. So you record the sound directly in the video. The final sound you managed to record is your original audio.

Another way is to add sounds when editing videos in third-party tools, such as Splice, CapCut, InShot, etc. These video editors allow you to include your own tracks when editing a video. So you basically make your Reel in a third-party app and then upload it on Instagram.

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