Reels have become Instagram's fastest-growing feature, which is no wonder, considering how Reels can boost your Instagram page performance.

Previously we've covered the basics of Instagram Reels and how to use them. This time, let's speak of advanced and not-so-obvious features of Reels you might've missed. Using these features may up your Reels efforts and attract even more followers with video content.

Instagram Reels Voice Filters

Yes, filters can now be applied not only to your face but to your voice as well. And now, in addition to voiceovers, sound effects, and backing tracks, you can also change your voice with filters, such as robotic, giant, or helium voice.

Choose any filter the same way you do when selecting a music track to use as a backgound sound in your videos in the Effects tab when editing your Reel. Select the filter to apply it to the Reel and press Done to see the preview. Then post a Reel as you normally would.  

Instagram Reels Templates

You've surely seen the button that offers to use this Reel as a template when you swipe up watching Reels on Instagram. Templates are a great feature you can use to streamline the video editing and creation process, as they allow you to copy the formatting of other Reels you stumble upon when watching video content on Instagram.

You can find templates simply when watching Reels or clicking on the Template tab when creating a Reel. Then just select photos and videos from your phone library, which will be synced up to the timing of your Reel.

Instagram Comments with Reels

Instagram added this feature in 2022; the decision was clearly inspired by TikTok. So just like on TikTok, you can now respond to comments with a Reel! When you do, your comment becomes a sticker you can add to your video for additional engagement and even more comments.

To use the feature, open one of your Reels and find a comment that draws your attention. Tap Reply, the text field will pop up, and you'll see a blue camera icon. Tap it to record a Reel comment.

Highlights & Archive Stories Turned Into Reels

If you run out of creative ideas for Reels, repurpose your Highlights and archived stories in an engaging Reel. Simply choose a highlight or an archived story you want to convert into a Reel and select the Create option at the bottom right corner. Then just follow the on-screen instructions to make a Reel out of your current content.

Import Your Own Track to Instagram Reel

Instagram Reel allows you to use your own audio tracks in videos as background tracks. In the Create mode, hit the music note icon to enter the audio clip library, then tap Import. Select the video you want to use in your Reel. Instagram will automatically extract audio from the chosen clip.

💡 You can create your own backing tracks with LALAL.AI, an AI-powered tool that extracts vocals, backtracks, and instruments stems, such as piano, guitar, bass, synths, drums, string and wind instruments from audio and videos. What's more, it can improve the sound of your voice in any recording by reducing background noises. Try it for your next Reel!

Instagram Reels Auto-Syncing to Beats

If you're not a fan of editing your Reels, this feature is just for you. All you need to do is to upload a bunch of photos or videos at once and allow Instagram to auto-sync it to the beat Instagram suggests. You can also select tracks from the audio library by tapping Search.

Hands-Free Recording of Instagram Reels

Another way to streamline Reels creation is to use this hack — hands-free recording.

To record an Instagram Reel hands-free:

  1. Set up a timer by clicking on the clock icon on the left-hand menu.
  2. Set up a countdown timer by choosing between 3 and 10 seconds.
  3. Drag the timer to set how long the video should be.

Accurate Lip-Syncing on Instagram Reels

The key to success when lip-syncing isn't about learning the lyrics all by heart. The trick is to use the slow-it-down feature to make sure you can lip-sync every line. To use it, tap the music icon in the Create mode and choose a song or a sound clip. Next, choose a part of the song you want in your Reel.

Then hit the 1x icon and select 3x to slow down the clip by 300%. Now record the Reel and lip-sync to the super slow song. Don't worry; when you preview the Reel, the speed will get back to normal, and you'll look funnily fast.

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