Can you see visitors of your Instagram page? Let's find out.

The hard truth is that just like Facebook, Instagram does not allow you to see the guests of your page. So there’s no official way to see who views your profile.  

There are many websites and third-party applications that claim to help you see your Instagram guests, but we’ll touch on this issue later in the article.

Yet there are some hacks helping you understand who your Instagram visitors are.

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

Anyone can stalk your Instagram unless your page is private. If you want to stop random users from viewing your content and stories, you can make your profile private.

Note that you can only do it unless you have a Business account; only Personal Instagram accounts can be switched to private.

To make your Instagram account private, go to Settings → Privacy → Private Account →On→Switch to Private.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

If you want to use ‘official’ Instagram-approved ways of doing this, there are none. Only likes of your posts, new followers notifications and your story viewers can tell you who viewed your profile.

Likes and Followers

Obviously, if a user followed you on Instagram, they might have visited your account. It applies to likes as well, but sometimes people can discover your post after a hashtag search, find your post or Reel on the Discovery page and like it without visiting your page.

If people found your page via an advanced search of the Combin Growth app, they might have not visited your entire page either.  

Tip: if you want to find users by specific narrow criteria, search for your local competitors, target audience, influencers or your competitors’ audience, use an advanced targeted search of Combin Growth. Set the required search parameters such as gender, location, language, a number of followers and followings, likes and comments count, and start searching!

You can also find and interact with the likers, commenters, followers, and followings of a specific Instagram user.

You won’t get a full list of people who viewed your page by tracking your likes and followers, but this is something: click on the heart icon at the bottom of your Instagram page, and you’ll see who liked your posts and viewed your profile.

Instagram Stories

Stories can also tell who viewed your Instagram account. Just open your story and find the profile pictures of users who viewed your story at the bottom left corner.

Click on it and the full list will appear.

If you want to share stories but prefer that only specific users could see them, you can create a list of Close Friends - manually choose users who can view your stories. Read how to do this here.

Still, this method is also not 100% accurate since there are tools that allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously. And if someone uses tools to mass view Instagram stories, you may see their profiles in the viewers list but these users didn't actually see your story nor the entire profile.

Third-Party Tools

There are many apps that promise you to show the full list of your Instagram profile visitors. However, there are several issues with such tools:

  • They are not secure enough: they need access to your data which can result in your account being hacked.
  • They are not free or don’t even have the free subscription plan: in most cases, you will need to pay monthly to see who viewed your profile.
  • They can’t actually show you all your visitors: typically, these apps show you the data you can find on your own for free - your likers, story viewers, and commenters. When they guarantee to show you the full lists of your guests, they only give you the list of random accounts that might or might not have visited your page in the last 24 hours.

So when some random app claims it will show you your guests and asks money for this right from the start, this is probably a scam since real guest tracking will involve hacking into the Insta algorithms and Instagram API.

We can’t recommend you any of such apps.

Instagram Ads Retargeting Function

This is not entirely a guest tracking option but it will be useful for marketers who want to know who visited their business profiles for ads purposes - retargeting.

When you set up retargeting ad campaign on Instagram, in the audience, you can indicate those users who visited your page.

But again, no personalised lists of users will be shown to you.

Who Stalks Your Instagram: Bottom Line

So as you can see, there are no real actionable ways to track the lists of those who actually saw your profile recently or at any time at all. Our advice is to check who views your stories, likes your posts and follows you. But even this doesn’t guarantee that you will see the full picture due to multiple bots letting users view stories anonymously or mass view stories without actually watching them.

And if you don’t want random people to view your posts and stories, simply make your account private.

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