What are action limits?

There are two types of action limits — the hourly and daily limits set by Instagram and Combin in-app action limits. Instagram action limits control how many following, unfollowing, liking, and commenting actions are allowed to be performed hourly and daily for Instagram users. The exact number of actions allowed by Instagram is unknown, but there are reasons to believe that it varies depending on the behavior of each account and its characteristics, such as date of registration, average activity level and number of followers.

Combin performs actions distributing them over time, to simulate the natural account activity. The application works accordingly to hourly, 6-hour and 24-hour (daily) action limits. Due to the changes of June 2019, Combin is currently able to carry out up to 500 likes, 400 comments and 300 follow/unfollow actions per day, and up to 125 likes, 100 comments and about 75 follow/unfollow actions every 6 hours, respectively. These are floating limits, which we try to regularly adjust to the next Instagram changes.

The application works accordingly to individual daily and hourly action limits, performing the actions only as long as they are allowed by Instagram. As soon as the account’s limits are reached, Instagram stops providing access to the action processing and the unfinished Combin tasks are immediately put into pending. Combin displays the ‘Waiting for Instagram callback’ message for such tasks.

Note that the application can display the callback message more often if user scheduled a lot of tasks for a large number of actions at once. Suspension of actions for prolonged periods of time may also be a result of the use of other automation services at the same time with Combin, high user activity on Instagram website or mobile application, and a history of Instagram activity limits abuse in the past.

We don't know all the factors that have an impact on the allowed number of hourly and daily actions, but experience has shown that in cases when users created a moderate number of searches and tasks in Combin on a regular basis, Instagram allowed to perform actions more systematically and in larger quantities.