What are action limits?

Instagram has daily action limits for the prevention of spam activity and abusive behavior, however, honest brand owners and marketers are impacted by the limits as well.

Approximately since 2018, Instagram has been cutting the daily and hourly limits for all types of actions (following, unfollowing, liking, commenting) more and more each year. Another significant action limits reduction was introduced in 2021, and we’ve adjusted Combin Growth to the changes to ensure the safety of our users.

Though Combin Growth is technically capable of performing thousands of actions per day, we’ve decreased the in-app limits to hundreds to avoid the probable issue of the user Instagram accounts getting banned or blocked.

We strongly encourage all Combin Growth users to stay within the current default limits, keep the Intensity at the Optimal or Safe levels (to increase the time interval between actions), and avoid the concurrent usage of other automation services to protect their Instagram accounts.

If you manually raise the limits, process the actions at the Risky intensity level, use the mobile Instagram app while Combin performs tasks, or utilize other automation software simultaneously with Combin, you do so at your own risk.