In 2022, Instagram cannot surprise anyone but it still is one of the most used social media channels for businesses and brands. No wonder more and more apps that can significantly streamline the Instagram experience are emerging.

Below, we’ll talk about tools that can help you boost your eCommerce activity on Instagram.

Combin Growth: Get More Instagram Followers

The Combin Growth app helps you target your audience on Instagram, increase the number of followers, likes and comments, and manage your own activity on Instagram. The app is a convenient follower tracking tool and an easy automated way to follow and unfollow users in-bulk.

This is a perfect all-in-one solution for social media manages, marketers, influencers, and business owners.

The service is packed with many functions for identifying and finding potential followers on Instagram. Relevant users' posts and Instagram accounts are searched for through relevant keywords, hashtags, locations, and an active audience of competitors. The search can take into account gender, language, number of subscriptions and subscribers, and other parameters.

Combin Growth detects spam accounts, profiles of celebrities and simply potentially uninterested users using machine learning and weeds them out.

The application allows you to set up mass story viewing, mass following, leaving likes and comments in order to stay active on Instagram and attract the attention of new accounts. Combin Growth allows you to connect up to 15 Instagram accounts at the same time and offers the possibility of permanent use of the free version.

Combin Scheduler: Post on Instagram from PC

The app for planning posts on Instagram is completely free and has no hidden fees. Combin Scheduler allows you to create Instagram posts, stories and schedule them to publish automatically at a specified time. The service is suitable for both regular Instagram users and marketers with up to 15 accounts at the same time.

The built-in calendar is a feed of scheduled posts for different periods of time. In the calendar, you can easily see how the posts would look on Instagram - their position and publication date can be changed by simply dragging and dropping.

The ability to create post templates solves the problem with similar duplicate posts (about promotions, discounts and contests).

Combin Scheduler also allows you to schedule and update the link in the profile bio at the same time. Reposts can also be scheduled; just copy and paste the link to the post and set the required time - the original caption and media will be copied automatically.

Display Purposes: Search for Relevant Hashtags

Display Purposes is a free hashtag search engine that helps you find the best keywords for your Instagram posts.

It is enough to enter one or several hashtags relevant to the image you’re going to publish, and the service will select 30 relevant hashtags. Display Purposes displays trending keywords in any niche and filters out banned and spam hashtags. All that remains is to select the most suitable tags from the proposed list (manually or automatically).

The service also allows you to find out which tags are used more often than others in a particular country, city or even region. To do this, you need to open the Map tab and zoom in on the map in the area of ​​interest.

In the Graph tab, the user can get a combination of related tags with any given word. Each hashtag from the list offered by the service is clickable. By clicking on it, a new list of relevant tags will drop out. These capabilities will help create new combinations of synonymous hashtags.

Talkwalker: Listen What People Say About Your Brand

Using the Talkwalker listening and analytical tools, you get real-time insight into what is happening on all social channels and online media across 187 languages.

Talkwalker allows you to listen to conversations about your brand, products, and campaigns on social media. You can also listen to text, images and videos across social networks.

You’ll be able to discover top stories, find themes, and explore the topics that are occupying your target audiences - understand, what drives the conversations, so that you can participate in them.

Looking into the data, and getting to know your target audiences are also possible. With Talkwalker, you will get insight into what concerns your customers, stakeholders and influencers.

Your reputation is affected by the way in which you are talked about. Use Talkwalker to listen, so you can target your communication, and be on top of your reputation.

You can put only one clickable link in the Instagram bio. To allow commercial accounts to add more communication channels and details, Taplink comes in handy. This is a tool that lets you add many links to various sites and projects into one multi-link.

This can be your products catalogue, contact information, payment form, portfolio, blog or the combination of the above.

You can track the views and clicks, customise the page design (avatar, background, blocks, colour scheme), add images, videos, products, add forms to accept payments, customer information and take orders.