The headline is self-explanatory: let's check out this Reels' trends roundup for summer 2022.

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Trend #1: 90 second Reels

Instagram has recently announced it exceeds the duration of Reels to 90 seconds. We believe that lengthy Reels will become trendy for this summer and beyond because Instagram promotes those creators who use the new features of the platform. When the platform launched Reels in the first place, it prioritised the content of those creators who opted for Reels to promote the new feature.

Expectedly, the same will happen this time, so jump on the bandwagon and create longer Reels!

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Trend #2: Snatched

Before transitioning, make a gesture as though you're trying to grab something with your hands and lip sync the words 'Snatched' by Big Boss Vette.

This trend is perfect for the creators shooting the makeovers with clothing, makeup, and alike!

Trend #3: My First Instagram Like

The trend's name speaks for itself: you need to show your followers the first post you ever liked on Instagram. To do so, go to three lines on the upper right of your profile screen > Your activity > Interactions > Likes. Then filter the results from oldest to newest to find the first post you reacted to on the platform.

You can use a track from the Instagram library or create your own!

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Trend #4: She's Buff

Use the catchy She's Buff track by Beatdemons, Ssj9k in your Reel and show how fit and strong you are to demonstrate your physical shape as the lyrics are 'She's buff come along.'

Trend #5: Like That

Use the Doja Cat's ft. Gucci Mane track 'Like That' in the video and dance before doing a split in front of a camera.

Trend #6: Look at Me

Switch things up with a paradigm-shifting loop. Stare at the camera before switching the camera angles as though you're shooting from someone else's perspective. Then get back to your initial angle to finish the loop.

Use text to explain whose perspective you're showing.

Trend #7: Put This Sound Over a Core Memory

Share a Reel of your nostalgic moment using this audio and add a text overlay, saying 'Put This Sound Over a Core Memory.'

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Trend #8: Do It With Pizzazz

Make a Reel with you lip-syncing to this song and share what makes you feel alive when you're not feeling great.

Trend #9: I’m Gonna Have to Go and Disagree With You There

Use this audio to share a Reel where you lip sync to the track and put a text overlay telling a story when you disagreed or would disagree with someone or something.

Trend #11: Glitch Recap Trend

In your Reel, use this sound and shoot your open laptop that has the title of your video on it written in white on a black background, then cut a montage of videos with glitchy transitions.