Instagram focuses on visual content, both video and images. Selfies, makeup looks, glamorous vacation photos, and even memes are what you'll commonly see on Instagram. Small businesses that sell visually appealing products, such as jewellery, fashion clothes or art, are quite successful on Instagram already, with no need to pay for advertising. However, if you run a business that doesn't naturally lend itself to visual content, it can be difficult to stand out on Instagram.

There are still ways to make your business organically grow on Instagram though, and we've shared some tips on how to do so in our article.

💡 If you can't afford to hire a professional designer to grow your Instagram profile with you, check this guide made by our design team on how to create appealing visuals for Instagram.  

Now let's speak of what exactly you can post if your product is not an Instagrammable thing.

8 Instagram Content Ideas for Businesses With Non-Visual Products

Show Your Colleagues

People love watching people on social media, so if you don't sell fancy jewels or clothes, show your team instead. Make Reels with your colleagues, tell what they do in your company, ask them which stories they can share with your audience, or simply make funny videos with them.  

Show Your Customers & How They Use Your Product

This idea will help you accomplish two goals at a time: post something on Instagram and sell your product without aggressive marketing. A happy and loyal customer who enjoys using your product is the best way to keep this balance between content marketing and intentional, direct selling. Your clients' testimonials are trustworthy and helpful.

Share Relevant Updates from Your Industry

Such content might be interesting if you sell products to other businesses. B2B clientele will love to learn recent industry news, laws, stories covered in media, benchmark reports, or even scandals that might draw attention and fill your Instagram content schedule. Some other ideas to consider are legislation announcements from the government, relevant surveys or studies, or inside jokes that only the industry players can relate to.

Share Your Own Reports & Data

This one is often of special interest to customers. You must be doing some research in your field already, so you can uncover facts or stats that aren't sensitive. Share how many new customers joined you this year, how many active monthly users you have, what they buy more often — many more data can be showcased this way.

Make More Reels

Webinars, Q&A sessions, interviews, customer reviews, vlogs, and product videos are not an exhaustive list of video content ideas you can leverage to make your Instagram page more engaging. Instagram currently caters for video content, so Reels aren't just a nice option to keep your content diverse but also a chance to grow your followership.

💡 Check our guides on Reels to make your Reels creation journey more comfortable:

Repost User-Generated Content

If your brand isn't new, you surely have people who tag your product on Instagram when using it. UGC is super trustworthy and persuasive, so don't forget to regram it on your Instagram profile to build credibility and trust among your followers. There's also a pattern: the more UGC you post, the more UGC other people will create.

Share Seasonal Posts

Your seasonal content marketing calendar doesn't necessarily have to consist only of Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving posts. There are plenty of celebrations you can use in your content schedule and make Instagram posts accordingly.

Partner with Influencers & Other Brands for Content

If you've run out of ideas, use someone else's ones! Not in the way of stealing those, however, but partnering with content creators and even other companies who aren't your direct competitors. This will add extra credibility and exposure to your account in addition to fresh content posts.

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