How to safely and effectively mass-comment on Instagram

Leaving comments on potential followers’ posts is a great way to increase interest in your account, and therefore boost the level of engagement, frequency of visits to your profile and the number of followers. However, a wrong approach to commenting can cause a lot of trouble, ranging from a temporary commenting activity block to a complete ban of your account. Remember the following recommendations to avoid problems and improve the quality of engagement with your content on Instagram.

Don't leave comments that consist entirely of emoji

A couple of these comments will not have irreversible consequences, but in the case of mass commenting using only emoji can easily be considered spam or bot-like — both by their recipients and Instagram spam detection algorithm.

Don't leave one-word comments of the same type

Generic comments like "Amazing!", "Beautiful", and "Great photo!", can be left by anyone on any content. This will not make the recipient feel special and will not make you stand out from many other accounts that often leave such comments. In addition, mass commenting of the same type of compliments is likely not only to fail to bear fruit in the form of a response or following your account, but also to lead to both temporary restriction of activity and account ban.

Don't ask to visit your website, profile, participate in a contest

If these comments aren’t reported by the recipient accounts first, they will be removed by the anti-spam Instagram algorithm. Invitations to visit your profile, exchange likes or follow you for a follow back, calls to participate in your competition or buy something at a discount, even in a single amount can cause very unpleasant consequences, not to mention what their mass commenting can bring. Never leave such comments.

Keep an eye on the ratio of likes and comments left per day

When we interact with posts manually, directly from the Instagram application, we don't usually have to worry about leaving fewer likes than comments — we almost unconsciously maintain a balance. However, the situation changes when we automate the actions. On average, Instagram users leave at least 30-40% more likes than comments. Keep this information in mind when assigning tasks for mass liking and commenting within Combin.

Avoid sudden activity changes

This is particularly relevant for those who are just starting to use Combin or to incorporate mass commenting into their audience growth strategy, but this should also be considered by experienced users when assigning daily mass action tasks. Consistency is very important in the activity automation, because any sudden change is a reason to assume that either scammers took over the account, or there is an intentional activity automation through third-party services by the account owner (which is prohibited on Instagram). Don’t rush, increase and decrease the number of daily Instagram actions gradually.

Leave informative, unique comments

Instead of leaving one-word, unremarkable comments, try a less trite path. Let the recipient know why their post caught your attention instead of expressing general approval. Think about what exactly motivated the author to post the image or write the caption, what they like about the post, and what they would like to hear. Think of words that could not leave the author indifferent, words that could start a discussion, and as a result attract genuine interest to your account. Yes, it's harder than just writing "Great shot!" and calling it a day, but this is the approach that brings you a quality interaction, a new loyal audience, and prevents any suspicion of spam or automated activity.