Growing an Instagram followership might be daunting but how great it feels when your efforts are finally paid off. Until you realise that some of your followers are not interested in your content. It's ok that it happens, but in order to keep your audience relevant and engaged, you can unfollow Instagram users.

You can do the task manually, however, that'll take quite a time. This is where Instagram cleaner tools can come in handy to spare your time from a monotonous task.

What Is an Instagram Cleaner?

Instagram cleaner is a mobile or a desktop app that automatically blocks or unfollows Instagram users, remove some old content from your page, unlike posts, and many more activities.

Why Should You Use Cleaners for Instagram?

Here are some reasons why you should use Instagram cleaning tools.

  • Instagram will promote your profile organically: if the platform detects that you have many users who don't follow you back, it may suspend your account isn't legit.
  • You can't see all your followings' content because your feed is overflown.
  • If you've taken part in a giveaway and followed all its sponsors and now you need to unfollow them, mass unfollowing can come in handy.
  • You want your account to look better: many aspiring influencers and brands think that the fewer people they follow, the better their Instagram header looks.

Use Combin Growth as an Instagram Cleaner

One of such tools is Combin Growth, a desktop solution that can help with several cleaning tasks and beyond. But let's first consider Combin Growth as an Instagram cleaning tool.

  1. Install the program from the official website. You don't need to pay anything at this stage: the service has a free plan for beginners that allows you to comprehend the tool's capabilities.
  2. Log in with your Instagram credentials.
  3. Once you're logged in to your Instagram account within Combin Growth, find the right tab and click on the Users tab.

4. There, find Not Followers. Click on it.

5. At the bottom of the screen, find the grey icon that says Unfollow users. If you want to unfollow all users, click on Unfollow all option in the dialogue window. If that's not your case, head over to the next step.

6. Click on those accounts you want to unfollow automatically.

7. Then find the Unfollow users button and click on it.

8. The tool will now start to bulk-unfollow accounts you've picked up.

The good thing that the machine-learning technology that Combin Growth is powered by precisely detects irrelevant users, ghost followers, and bots.

πŸ’‘To learn more how our machine-learning analysis works and how to make it work, check this guide on our website.

With Combin Growth, you also can:

  • Mass view Instagram stories
  • Find a target audience by multiple criteria
  • Grow your Instagram account
  • Auto like, comment, and follow users en masse

Try Combin Growth as an Instagram cleaner β€” install it from our website by clicking the button below.