Profile and Users information is not updated or displayed

Gathering and updating this information requires a lot of resources, especially in case user is followed by thousands or accounts, which also have big following.As a result, Instagram returns the Too Many Requests error and stops allowing not only information updating, but also action tasks. It may take from a few minutes to a couple of hours for the application to obtain access to updating and action processing. Due to it being counter-productive, followers’ followers count is not displayed.

The information at the Profile and Users tabs is updated automatically every 30 minutes.

It means that right after the information was updated, the next update is not performed for another 30 minutes.

Information about users may be obtained with a delay in order to avoid exceeding the requests limit.

If you need to refresh the information, you can do so manually the following way:

1. Reboot the computer.

2. Launch Combin.

3. Re-login to your account (Menu bar > Account > Re-login to %username%).

4. Wait until the data is loaded.

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Start Growing Followers with Combin Today

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