Search results are not generating

There could be different reasons for the application to fail loading search results for your query:

  1. Hashtag you search by is banned on Instagram. Posts under the hashtag are not available to reach within Instagram, therefore Combin cannot obtain them as well.

    Something as simple as #woman that is used on the regular by beauty and fashion brands on various social media platforms may turn out to be banned due to being frequently used for content violating Instagram community guidelines.

    Check the availability of hashtags using services like Instavast or just open Instagram application and search by the hashtag of interest, see if posts tagged within are viewable.

  2. Location search area is too broad. Searches by country, city, region or state names bring no results or very few after a long time. Combin finds posts by specific places Instagram users tag their posts within (streets, shops, parks, museums, clubs, etc.)

    Selecting a more general location causes the application to firstly find all the smaller places within it, then all posts tagged within each. As a result, the application generates the results for hours. Pick a more specific location and search again.

  3. Unpopular hashtag used in hashtag+location searches. There simply could be no posts under the requested hashtag within the area you search. Select the same location and combine it with a more popular tag than the previous one you’ve used.

  4. In-app problems. If none of the above cases match your situation, try the following steps:

    1. Reboot your computer.

    2. Turn off antivirus/firewall program or add Combin to its whitelist, as it could block the application's connection.

    3. Launch Combin.

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    4. Re-login to your accounts (Account > Re-login to %username%).

    5. Repeat the search.

    If it doesn’t help, please report the issue to our support team at, we will look into and try to come up with a solution as soon as possible.