How to set up Instagram hashtag tracking

Learn how to follow Instagram hashtags, get new updates from them and interact with fresh posts by liking, commenting and following their authors in these easy steps:

1. Install and launch Combin.

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2. Log in to your Instagram account within Combin. The application doesn’t store your password and other private information, and supports two-factor authentication.

3. Open Search tab and click Add search there.

4. Type in a hashtag and pick the needed option from the dropdown list of similar tags:

5. Specify the number of search result you’d like to receive and the date of uploading of Instagram posts containing the hashtag of choice:

6. Click Find and wait a few seconds until all posts that fall into the chosen criteria load.

7. Like and comment either all or a few posts and follow the authors to express your interest and bring their attention to your Instagram account:

8. After interacting with the hashtag contents, filter out already liked and comment posts and click the refresh symbol to update the search:

9. Wait until the new posts are loaded. You can monitor the progress at the top of the window:

10. After the updating is finished you can engage with the newest posts under the hashtag, without the need of re-adding the same search every time. Just click the refresh symbol!

After refreshing you will receive the same amount of new posts as you’ve picked during step 5.

Please note that the hashtag tracking/refreshing option is only available for subscribers of Combin’s Personal and Business plans. Click Upgrade at the lower-left corner of the application to learn the details about each plan and to subscribe.