How to interact with followers on Instagram efficiently

Combin user can engage their audience through single and mass liking, commenting and following back.

In order to find a full list of your followers within the application, do the following:

1. Launch Combin.

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2. Open the Users tab.

3. Select Followers category.

Note that the number of followers your audience has is not obtained by the application and therefore not displayed. It takes the application to send a lot of requests to Instagram for getting and further updating this information, especially in cases when users have thousands of followers, which have thousands of followers as well. Instagram returns the Too Many Requests error, it causes the application to stall and affects the amount of daily activity limits.

In order to interact with your followers, select one, few or all profiles from your Followers list:

Apply following, liking, commenting, and unfollowing actions to the selected users by clicking the correspondent icons located at the upper left corner of the application window:

Tip: Combin likes a number of the most recently published posts when liking action is applied to users. The amount of recent posts for liking can be changed in the Preferences settings:

As soon as you apply one of the actions to one or a group of your followers, Combin automatically sets the action task to be performed in accordance with your individual Instagram activity limits.

Note that action tasks scheduled within Combin are not processed instantly in order to ensure account safety. The application performs them gradually over time to prevent an account ban. Sudden bursts of activity and activity automation are highly likely to be quickly detected and punished by Instagram.

Tasks can be speeded up by changing the processing intensity mode to Risky. We discourage you from leaving this mode enabled 24/7. Risky mode is recommended to be used once in a while because it leads to faster limits reaching than other intensity modes, and if used continuously for numerous massive action tasks, it may lead to account ban.